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Culture Agent | 14.08.20 | Kan 11
Kobi Meidan hosts Dani Dothan and Dalia Mevorach for a conversation about the
three-part series 'Ofra'.

The interview starts at 2:09 and ends at 12:34.

Gilad Emilio Shenkar hosts the directors Dalia Mevorach and Dani Dothan.

Dalia Mevorach dreamt of making films like her student film at Tel Aviv University – 'A Hole in the Underpants.' Together with Dani Dothan, a member of "Hclique" (The Click) band, they create documentary cinema. They discuss their first film 'The Blue Lamb' – about the lambs of Menashe Kadishman, the film 'The Ashkenazim' – young people searching for Ashkenazi roots in the heart of the Middle East, and their latest series "The Sad and Foretold End of Zohar Argov."